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Global CNA & Healthcare Educational Center is the result of a combined collaboration of five enterprising and passionate individuals who came up with the idea of providing the highest quality, easy and affordable access to CNA and other Healthcare training and services within the community of Mira Mesa and other neighboring cities.


With the ongoing change in Healthcare they are committed in facing the challenges and to come up with highly qualified CNA;s and other Healthcare professionals.


With many years ahead this company will maintain excellence and quality training in and out of the community they set out to be a part of.


            Core Value

The ultimate core value of Global CNA Healthcare and Educational Center is to deliver the curriculum with outstanding education and excellent training through creative teaching.

         Mission Statement

Our mission statement is to cultivate students ability to find meaning in this world through confident, active and skilled learning within a nurturing environment.


All graduates of Global CNA Healthcare and Educational Center will have a lifetime individual accomplishment and succeed in healthcare industry.


Better Care Starts with You!
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